10 Things Graduates Cringe at in Job Posts

Graduation Cap

With graduation a mere two weeks away and soon-to-be graduates everywhere trying to figure out what to do after graduation, the great job hunt has commenced. While participating in this hunt, I have found ten job-post words and phrases that cause me, and many others I’m sure, to cringe. They all seem to say: “Glad you got your bachelor’s, but keep moving graduate.” It would appear that the very expensive piece of paper we will soon receive is not the sole ticket to take us to a higher wage bracket. So, in the meantime, here’s to being a college graduate ready to take on the new world, but getting smacked in the face left and right!  


1. Experience

How exactly do I get work experience, if every job requires that I already have work experience to get hired?!?!

2. DOE (Depends On Experience)

I mean I get that, but how do I get the experience if you won’t hire me because I don’t have it already? It’s a vicious cycle. 

3. Negotiable

Can’t they at least give some kind of a range to start? All I know is that at the entry level you can’t really follow mom’s advice: set your standards high and shoot for the stars. I’m going to go ahead and tell you this now: the stars aren’t feeding anybody.

4. Unpaid

Yes, I understand the concept, but it does not make me dislike it any less.

5. Don’t Contact Us, We’ll Contact You if Interested

But then I will never get a job!

6. Only Apply if You Meet All Requirements

Familiarity with Adobe Suite: Check. I watched a kid use Photoshop in math class for two years. 

7. Seasonal

Perfect, back to the mall for me.

8. Part-time with the Potential for Growth

Don’t lie to me. I just paid a lot of money for a degree that taught me deductive reasoning.

9. Cover Letter

Why? For the love of humanity, why does everyone want a cover letter?

10. Attach Portfolio

What portfolio?

The best we can do is keep on hunting until we find that person or place that will give us our chance. Thank you to all of the employers out there who give newbies their start. Where would we be without you?!

Leave a comment below with any other words or phrases that you have found during your job hunt!


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