Transform Dying Flowers into Wall Decor

Turn your dead and dying bouquets into beautiful wall decor! All you need is some clear tape and near-death flowers, and you will be on your way to unique, Pinterest-worthy wall decor that will have your friends “ooo-ing” and “aah-ing.”

With graduations, award ceremonies, spring weddings, and other celebrations filling this time of year, bouquets of all shapes and colors are crossing stages and entering homes. They not only smell nice and add beauty to spaces while living, they can also enhance a room once they have died and dried up. As their end draws near, rather than allow all their petals to fall away before tossing them in the garbage, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the flower from the vase, empty milk jug, coffee can, whatever it may be that you are using to keep it alive.
  2. Flip the flower upside down so the petals face the ground.
  3. Cut the stem to a desired length.
  4. Tape the stem to the wall with cheap clear tape (it actually holds really well; my roommates’ flowers have been up for more than a month now).
  5. Repeat with several flowers spaced out or form them into a shape/design.

***Optional*** Get Fancy and place an empty frame on the wall first and then stick the flowers on the wall inside the frame.

For someone like me, whose flowers always seem to die the instant I put them in water, transforming these decaying flowers into wall decor allows me to keep their beauty in my home far past their usual expiration. Because the flowers dry out when hung upside down, the petals do not fall off like they normally would, so they keep their color and you end up with a unique, easy and free (other than the cost of clear tape) wall decor. With a pop of color at no extra charge, these bouquets can fill that bare, white wall that glaringly shines in your face each time you flip on the lights.

Please note that the flowers will often shrink in size as they dry and will turn a couple of shades darker. In my opinion, this change gives them a vintage look that enhances their decorative appeal all the more.

Thanks for reading! More tips like this to come! For a similar savings post, check out my post about Craigslist steals here.


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