Great Way to Revive Your Soul During Finals Week

Revive your soul during the craziness of finals with a little piece of heaven for half the price. Your taste buds and your sanity will thank you!


Commence Soul Reviving

You know Piggy is all about that frappuccino happy hour at Starbucks during finals week. It can be a study break or a study place for half the price! After hours locked in my room, hunkered down writing page after page after page after, ok you get the idea, I was in dire need of some fresh air and a little pick me up. So, I hopped on my bike and rode over to Starbucks.

It was obvious that I was not the only student struggling and in need of energy. Sweat pants, messy buns, glasses and laptops are some dead giveaways for students living under the oppression of finals. It’s like spotting a 6’1” girl wearing 4-inch heels in a crowd, trust me, not too difficult.

I’m grateful for the Unspoken Rule of Finals Week: Thou shalt not judge any student for looking like a hobo during the last week of the semester.


Mission Accomplished

With that in mind, forget taking the time to try and look presentable and get yourself over to Starbucks between 3 and 5 p.m. for half price fraps because you deserve it!

Starbucks Frappucino Happy Hour lasts from May 1-10 and is 3 to 5 each day. Rewards members get the deal for an extra hour May 6-10.




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2 thoughts on “Great Way to Revive Your Soul During Finals Week

  1. Kelsey

    Yay!! Thanks for the heads-up, Mackenzie! Something to be happy about during finals week!

    • Mackenzie Foster

      No problem!! We need something to help us through! Hope your finals are going well!!

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