Living in the Land of Beaches and Dreams

Me 4So, I figure if I’m really going to get this blog on the road, then I’d better start by telling you a little more about me and my life here in the land of beaches and dreams: California.

As you can read in my little bio, I am currently living in Costa Mesa, CA, going to Vanguard University, soaking up the sun and living the dream as much as I can. I love to write, read, listen to good music, hang out with friends and family, play volleyball, ride my bike, chill at the beach and save money.

Living in a suburban city like Costa Mesa provides the perfect balance for me. I can be a part of the hustle and bustle of the city or enjoy an evening stroll in suburbia. The neighborhoods are relatively quiet after you get used to the sound of airplanes flying above. Also, Costa Mesa offers easy access to nature, which is a must for me. Being right by Newport Beach, Balboa Island and Huntington Beach is great. Whether it’s the beach, a trail, the mountains or a park, as long as I can get a small dose of nature in my weekly schedule, I’m a happy camper.0119141725

Oh and did I mention the shopping? With South Coast Plaza to my left and Fashion Island to my right, one could say I’m perfectly nestled in one of the shopping capitals of the U.S. And that’s only the beginning. Numerous other shops are scattered throughout Orange County, including some great thrift stores and touristy beach shops. And when I say thrift store, I need you to imagine a place where numerous OC housewives dump their “old” designer clothes and handbags that are in never-left-the-closet condition.

Now, before I wrap this little intro up, there is one last aspect to mention that is near and dear to my heart: food. I have never lived somewhere with so many amazing food options. Orange County’s many restaurants create a colorful feast of diverse and authentic food options. You can leave the popular chain restaurants behind and explore the hundreds of local venues. Nearly every corner features a locally owned restaurant offering unique atmospheres, foods and experiences. I can’t wait for Piggy’s stomach to be full because I’d say it’s about time we discovered another local treasure.

As you can see, the opportunities for exploration and discovery are booming here and I’m looking forward to telling you all about them. I hope you’ll join me for the adventure!


About Mackenzie Foster

I was born in a small town in Texas, but have spent most of my life in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Nestled up against the Rockies, I enjoy the crisp mountain air, snow and small-town feel of the Springs. I just graduated with a bachelor's degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism in May 2015 at Southern California's Vanguard University. I love to write, hang out with friends and family, travel, hike, camp, go to the beach, watch movies, play volleyball and find good deals!

2 thoughts on “Living in the Land of Beaches and Dreams

  1. Ashton

    You lucky duckling! I’m over here in the great state of Wyoming; which I live, but no fancy things right across the way. Some day I’ll venture out and see the wonders of this beautiful land.
    Glad everything is great your way and can not wait to read more adventures of Mac Attack!

  2. Mackenzie Foster

    Thanks Ashton!! Just come visit me!! Eventually, when I have my own place, you will have to come! And then I can take you on some of the adventures I write about!! 🙂

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