The Adventure of Crashing College Campuses

CSULB Pool PartyFrat pool parties, sporting events and libraries are always more fun when they are at a school that you do not go to and that you really have no relation to whatsoever. This past weekend, my friend Sarah and I decided to be adventurous and crash some college campuses that are not our own: UCI and CSULB. It was a great weekend filled with lots of laughter, fabulously embarrassing moments, super tall guys,  and ultimately, great memories to add to senior year as the end draws near.

Other than proximity, neither of us have any connection with UCI or CSULB. They’re not in our athletic conference and we do not know any students there. We attend Vanguard University, a smaller university in Costa Mesa, Calif. Although we do not have a clear connection to either campus, by the end of our completely random and utterly fantastic adventure, we felt a kinship growing. I was about ready to paint my face blue and gold and jump up with the cheerleaders who literally came up to my hip height at the UCI vs. UCLA men’s volleyball game. To be honest, I really didn’t care which shade of blue and gold paint, I was just enjoying all the rallying excitement and the fact that my student ID got Sarah and I in for $5 each (whether that will ever work again remains to be seen), and that we got free popcorn for being two of the first 100 people there.

At the CSULB on-campus pool, Greek dance-off, I wanted to shout, holler and push people into the water with the best of them. Now, before I go any further, I had better clarify that the only thing wet about the Greek party was the pool and the seemingly freshmen-aged boys doing wild dance numbers. No alcohol was permitted, at least not that I could tell. So, no spreading rumors that CSULB hosts “ragers” on campus. While that may be true, our experience can neither confirm nor deny it.IMG_20150427_111917

Now, saving the most embarrassing for last, one of the funniest experiences occurred at UCI’s library. After walking in the main entrance and getting into the elevator, I pressed the “2” button several times hoping that it would eventually remain lit and take us to the second floor. Noticing my relentless, never-quit personality as I continued to press the button again and again, one of the other passengers decided to kindly inform me that this entry level was the second floor. Sarah lost it, they fought laughter and I laughed while trying to play it as cool as one can when they’ve just made a complete idiot of themselves. An embarrassing moment for the books for sure.  Although they probably looked at me and thought, “this ditz has never been to the library before, someone ought to help her,” I still felt a “kindred-spiritedness” among us, whether the feeling was mutual or not.

Needless to say, it was a grand adventure crashing these college campuses and I look forward to doing it again!



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